6 Tips for Getting More Twitter Followers For Your Business

Social media is one of the easiest ways to market your company online. One of the more popular tools is Twitter,  and if you are ready to start Twitter Followersutilizing Twitter for your company, then welcome to the new age of business and an outreach to 50 millionactiveusers each day! Using Twitter can help you market your business, share information and build a strong community where you can develop brand loyalty, interact with your customers, and allow them to interact with you. But, keep in mind you only have a mere 140 characters to do this, so you need to be thoughtful about your Twitter plan and how you acquire more followers.

Here are six tips that can help your company gain more followers:

1.       Provide the latest industry buzz.  This is probably the most important piece of advice. People like to follow knowledgeable people so be sure to tell them what you know about the industry and keep them informed of all the latest news in your industry. Point people to helpful resources. Use lots of links. Create content that other people look forward to getting and want to pass on. 

2.       Tell them about your promotions. Build your following by regularly offering sales, discounts, and other promotions. Post a link to a special promo that will drive them to your web site. For example, JetBlue used its Twitter account recently to announce that as a part of its tenth anniversary celebration, it would give out a thousand free round-trip tickets. This generated a lot of buzz and was considered quite successful.

3.       Tweet the link to your blog.  Your business should have a blog if you don’t already. Include an easily accessible link in your Twitter feed and make the content real, funny, and interesting. Include in your blog content that illustrates you are an expert in your field, and create chatter about your blog by asking followers what they thought about it and if they have any follow-up questions. 

4.       Request their feedback. As mentioned above, it is critical to know what your followers are looking for. Tweet questions that will help you to see what your client base wants so you can give it to them. Also, you can use a new online tool that allows you to collect feedback by the numbers by using either GoPollGo or twtpoll to collect data. Use them to ask for general feedback, collect geographic data, or information to use during real time chats.

5.       Be a follower.  One of the easiest ways to increase your business’s Twitter following is to follow other users. Start by following your existing business contacts or any professional associations with which you’re affiliated. Get involved in conversations on topics relevant to your business or market. Retweet interesting comments or links and ask other users to return the favor.

6.       Learn how to effectively manage your Twitter account. If you want to keep your followers, you will have to keep up with your tweets. If you’re tweeting once a week, your followers may lose interest. Likewise, followers may get bored if you’re posting inconsequential updates every 15 minutes. It’s important to identify a good middle ground. There are some great ways to keep up with your account that were outlined on a recent Digital Breezes article called How to Manage Your Twitter Account like a Pro! Some of those resources include:

  •  Bufferapp: a Tweet Scheduler
  • Twittelator a Twitter app for your phone
  • Instapaper a “read later” app. Also installed on your phone.
  • Tweetdeck a Twitter app, on your main computer
  • Lists created on your Twitter account.

By utilizing these six tips, you will be able to have a better handle on how to use your Twitter account to gain more followers. The more followers you gain, the better your reach. And, that is certain to help boost your business!

Do you feel these tips will help your business increase its Twitter following?

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