Are Your Strengths Part of Your Brand Strategy?

strengthYou have a website up and running. You like the logo, the layout, and the ease of navigation throughout the site. You’ve begun to develop a Web presence, and traffic to your site is growing each week. Now you wonder how your website can bring even more value to your business. You, like most businesses, have certain areas where you shine, but have you made use of these strengths in building your brand?

Write down your strengths and keep them at the forefront.

Chances are that, even though you know what your strengths are, you haven’t written them down as a part of your brand strategy. Why not take a few minutes out of your busy week to make sure you are putting the foot forward that you know to be your best and to make sure everyone involved is on board in the process?

Help your team identify the strengths it wants to build into your business brand by writing down each element or characteristic that makes your business unique. For example, you might be known as the “go-to” people in your town for advice on proper wedding etiquette, or your business might have been voted as the community’s favorite in a particular category.

You might go as far as to solicit from your customers to learn what they see as strengths of your business. You may be pleasantly surprised when you see yourself as others see you. You might also learn of areas where your brand needs strengthening.

Revisit your strengths and improve upon their impact and number.

After writing down your known strengths, brainstorm to come up with how you would like to be perceived in a certain area of your business. Write down a short description of how you add unique value that differs from other businesses in your niche. Revise these descriptions until they best reflect how you would like your brand to be perceived by its target audiences.

Look at your website to identify how it reflects your strengths.

Closely examine the photos, the content and the layout of your site to ensure they convey the strengths you have written down. Look at the colors of your site. Do they reflect your business with these strengths in mind? How might you tweak content or update photos to communicate these strengths? Are profiles of your employees doing the same?

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