Get Your Social Shoes Together

Getting Your Social Sh…oes Together

Today, we’re going to talk about getting your social shoes together. I like the analogy of shoes for social media because shoes are what you put on before you go out in public. In some cases, your shoes might be the first thing a person notices about you. Make sure your shoes are neat and tidy!

working with a PR consultant

How to Prepare for Working with a PR Consultant

If you are planning to work with a PR consultant for the first time, then there’s a bit of prep work that you can do in advance to ensure a smooth and productive project experience. Many agencies will go over requirements with you in advance of your engagement, but here are a few items to consider that should help you along the way.

How We Can Use Press Releases As An Effective Marketing Tool

Years ago, when a company wanted to communicate with the media, they would do so in the form of a press release. Today, the press release is an effective tool for getting the word out to the online news sites and it can also be used as a way to communicate with your target audience through their RSS subscriptions to your feeds or as a result of an online search query. Press releases of old were much different from what we can expect to see today. >>