Get the Best Media Coverage for Your Events – Part 2

Part 2 of 3

As we discussed last month, there are several opportunities to have your event covered by some form of media, including print, online, television or radio. It is important to plan ahead in order to achieve great media coverage of your events. We suggest creating a checklist or using an online project management tool like to help plan your event marketing tasks and delegate those tasks to staff as needed.

Our second tip in this three-part series is easy to do and miss if you do not include it in your event marketing plan every time.


Most media outlets offer the opportunity to post your events on their community calendars. In some cases, there is no cost to post your event. These calendars give you FREE coverage ahead of time and help to secure greater awareness for your events. Some calendars require a small fee, so plan your budget accordingly, especially if that calendar reaches your target audience. A calendar may allow you to post event information through a website or you may need to research the right point of contact and send the requested information to get your event listed on the calendar.  Sometimes the calendar will appear in print and online. Be sure to check back and make sure your event information is listed properly with the correct phone number, email address or website for registrations.

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ABC 2 Community Calendar


Firefly Marketing & PR provides event management and support services including marketing and media outreach to improve publicity for your events and obtain successful media coverage. We help clients publicize events by developing a media plan that incorporates all of our great event marketing and public relations tips and techniques.  Below are links to two free Baltimore-area calendars. Give us a call if you are planning an event and would like to get some ideas on where to find more calendar options, (443) 420-8359.

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