Get the Best Media Coverage for Your Events – Part 3

Part 3 of 3

As we discussed in the previous posts, gaining media coverage for your events requires planning ahead and coordinating with the various media outlets that can connect you with your target audience.  Here is our final tip in the series for securing the best media coverage for your events.

Tip # 3: Media Sponsorship Opportunities

To gain additional media coverage of your event, create a media sponsorship package that will offer your media partners the opportunity to get in front of your audience and increase awareness for their publications, shows, or websites in exchange for some amount of advertising or editorial coverage. Be sure to plan ahead to find the right point of contact and submit your sponsorship proposal. Keep in mind that media sponsorships are ideal for larger community events open to the general public or some particular segment that would be of key interest to your media partners (e.g., business leaders, women). Media sponsorship provides a great win-win opportunity. You will gain greater exposure for your event, while providing media partners with fabulous content, images, and access to a newsworthy event in the community.

Firefly Marketing & PR provides event management and support services including marketing and media outreach to better publicize your events and obtain successful media coverage. If you need help with planning or promoting your special event, please give us a call at (443) 420-8359.

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