How We Can Use Press Releases As An Effective Marketing Tool

press_400071Years ago, when a company wanted to communicate with the media, they would do so in the form of a press release.  Today, the press release is an effective tool for getting the word out to the online news sites and it can also be used as a way to communicate with your target audience through their RSS subscriptions to your feeds or as a result of an online search query.

Press releases of old were much different from what we can expect to see today.  Because this is now a direct marketing tool it needs to be professional and offer real substance to the reader.  It also needs to motivate your reader to take action.  It is already obvious how important visibility is for your press release marketing efforts.

So, the question now is, how do we capitalized on the popularity of the online news sites like Yahoo! News and make sure our press release is returned in our targeted audience’s searches?

Hook The Journalist

Make sure your press release is eye-catching with a great headline/title.  You want to make sure to grab the reader’s attention long enough for them to get to the meat of the article.  The longer you can hold their attention, the better your chances that they will assimilate your press release.

Make Sure It’s Relevant

The most effective press release is one that is interesting, offers real value and relevant information and asks the reader to take the next step to learn more.  Stick to one topic per release and avoid overuse of your keywords.  Keyword optimization is important however, so don’t overlook using them in the proper context.

Earn That Click Through

Not only should your press release offer good information, it should also include an opportunity for your reader to take the contact to the next step. Add links to freebies, newsletters, free consultations and anything else you can think of that will entice the hungry customer to continue to explore the possibility of doing business with you.

If you would like more information on how press releases can be utilized in your marketing campaign, contact us and we can explore the possibilities.

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