Marketing & Communications Industry Recap: (Week of 4/30/2012)

In Case You Missed It…Recap
Google pledges $200 million to market the premium YouTube channels which debuted in October 2011. The ads will appear on YouTube as well as other platforms. Read more.

The Web Windows Phone Marketplaces makes its ways into 22 new countries which will make the Windows Phone better able to compete with the smartphone market. Read more.

Facebook launches new ad products and seven top brands are making good use of them already. Among the new products launched were Premium on Facebook, Reach Generator, Offers and Logged Out ads. Reach Generator is the most exciting and it is designed to expose fans to updates they might not otherwise see. Reach Generator allowed Ben & Jerry’s to hit 98 percent of fans during a 28-day period and saw twice as much engagement. In the past the brand only hit about 16 percent of fans. That is a huge difference. Read more.

We are all waiting to see if the new iPhone 5 will make picture jump right off the screen at us which would be a little scary but one of its new feature may allow you to gift your tunes by tapping another apple device such as the iPad or other iPhones. Read more.

Microsoft is going head to head with the Google search engine by re-vamping its Bing search engine into a sleek new design. Will it be able to measure up? Read more.

What additional marketing-related news happened this week that readers should be aware of? Please feel free to share!

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