Marketing & Communications Industry Recap (Week of May 28, 2012)

In case you missed it…Let's Recap

Hints about Apple’s relationship with Facebook and what is in store for the new iPhone by CEO Tim Cook! Apple may do away with Ping, their attempt at a social network to become more involved with Facebook. And Siri will do even more than she does now on the iPhone 5 whenever it comes out. He ended with stating how pleased consumers will be with where the company is taking Siri!  Read More.

Google, which is already top of the search engine game, is making sure to stay there by offering visual search results on the side to show you what you might be looking for. Does this ride on the coat tails of Yahoo’s recent makeover? That is for you to decide, but the good news is that web searching is becoming even easier on every platform. Read More.

It looks like the Facebook IPO debacle is deterring others. Kaya, a travel website, has decided to cancel its $150 million IPO. They filed to go public in 2010 and have flip-flopped on their decision to follow through ever since. It has been a stressful year for tech IPO’s but Yelp did pretty well. Read More.

Thunderclap will make marketing yourself through social media even easier. It was released this week in beta and it will automatically retweet your message through each person who supports it so you can reach even more people. The site has already partnered with people who have a large social following such as Amy Weinhouse’s father, who will actually have the first ever Thunderclap!  Read More.

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