Marketing without Sales is Like Fishing without Bait

Fish may swim by to see what’s dangling in the water, but what’s going to make them bite?

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a conference for mompreneurs (mom + entrepreneurs). It was a fantastic experience and I met many talented mommies working to create the business of their dreams – like me. The presentation included inexpensive marketing tips and tools for small business owners, along with information on developing a strategic marketing plan to allow for better utilization of limited resources.

You can view the presentation below through slideshare:

Great, perfect, got it! Now what’s next?

Ask yourself this question: What good is a strategic marketing plan without a well-formulated sales process?

If you think about it, the goal of marketing is to generate interest and leads. People who are interested enough in your business, products or services to share contact information with you – a phone number, an email address, a follow on Twitter or Facebook. But what happens then? How do your prospects go from leads to customers? Many times small business owners are relying on happenstance.My specialty is not sales, but I often educate my clients on the importance of defining a sales process for leads because the results will include improved and consistent communications, greater accountability, increased conversion rates, and valuable feedback on your products, services and pricing.

Here are some of my favorite resources for helping business owners understand and improve sales. There are also some great sales-related groups on LinkedIn. What are some of your favorite sales resources?

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