Promoting Your Business through Effective Facebook Posts

Facebook Posts

Were the Facebook community a geographical one with borders, it would only trail China and India in terms of population. As a result, it has fully grabbed the attention of the marketing community. Among other things, this creates a hyper-competitive environment. The well
-informed are far better positioned to achieve success.


That “Perfect” Facebook Post — Let’s Get Specific

One clear goal is to increase the chance of your post being noticed by the site. Facebook uses a specific algorithm that catches certain posts. When that post appears in fans’ news feeds, success can expand exponentially.

Post Copy — Limit it to 90 characters, or at least include your URL in the first 90 characters. It’s often ideal to shorten it using “” Try to ask an engaging question, or employ some other call-to-action. Target the post if you have a specific country or locale in mind.

Use An Image — Make your image square, and at least 300 x 300 pixels in size. This is the age of the compelling image; choose carefully. Do use people’s close-ups; don’t use logos. Dominant colors in orange and/or red tones can be effective.

Mobile “First” — It is likely that close to 3/4 of your audience will view the post on a mobile device. Therefore, strive for one-click interaction. Short posts, simple images, yes-or-no questions, and brief videos will enhance engagement.

Stay Engaged — Speaking of engagement, it is important to the success of the post that you occasionally add a relevant question or comment yourself to the evolving commentary.

Monitor Metrics — Use the Facebook tools provided to see which of your posts have proven most effective, and to determine how your efforts stack up against the competition. Using the “Engaged Fans” and “Talking About Us” features can instill valuable insight. They can also help one to get a better sense of another factor — timing. When it comes to Facebook posts, timing can indeed be everything, even if you carefully optimize each and every post.

One mantra in social media marketing remains — “Like – Comment – Share.” Fervently pursue the tips noted above, and the chances for successful audience engagement will certainly grow. For more ideas on how your enterprise can effectively harness the power of Facebook, please contact us.

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