Firefly Marketing & PR provides cost-effective, strategic marketing solutions to businesses and organizations around the globe.

We offer a broad range of services to support your business needs:

All services require a minimum 3 month agreement.

Strategic Direction

  • Marketing Plan*                                                              
    Firefly will create a strategic marketing plan based on research of your target demographic and key competitors. The plan will identify the marketing priorities required to reach your stated business goals, budgets, timelines and resources.
  • Marketing & Editorial Calendar
    Firefly will create a marketing and editorial calendar to outline promotional action items, events, as well as blog and social media topics.
  • Marketing Coach
    2 – 1hr coaching teleconference calls per month. Focused on identifying your marketing priorities and helping to navigate the tools and resources that will help you to reach your stated goals. For example, a call focused on social media will center on how you currently use social media and ways to enhance your presence, increase your following and engage your audience.

* Research typically conducted online using a sample of people representative of your target demographic. Additional research methodologies including customer surveys, focus groups, etc. are available for an additional fee.

Marketing Implementation

  • Communications Manager
    Sample of services includes: Develop an editorial calendar for blog and social media content; Writing blog articles (one per week); Produce multi-media content for distribution on blog and across social media platforms (infographics, videos, e-books, etc.); Produce a monthly electronic newsletter; and Social Media monitoring and reporting.
  • Public Relations Manager
    Sample of services includes: Develop your corporate media kit including bios for key executives, develop a speaker’s kit as needed, create media lists and editorial calendars; Write media advisories or press releases each month, and develop media sponsorship packages for signature events; Pitch priority media contacts; and Media monitoring and reporting.
  • Marketing Manager
    Sample of services includes: Marketing research including customer satisfaction surveys; Develop loyalty and rewards programs, Develop and managing advertising campaigns (internet, flash, print, radio, social media, television); Develop promotional campaigns and offers for direct mail, email, and social media distribution; Secure key sponsorship and speaking opportunities for access to target demographic; Planning and promotions for marketing-related events.


Authors and Artists

  • Publicity Manager*                                        
    Develop online media kit and a target media list; Create a monthly editorial calendar to direct blog and social media activities, Write and distribute one press release or media advisory per month, as needed; Organize virtual book tours; and Pitch priority media contacts.
  • Press Releases
    Write and distribute a press release to media contacts within a selected genre, industry, and/or geographical location (media lists average between 500-1500 contacts depending on specifications). Ask about our new client special offer!
  • Virtual Book Tours
    Organize and promote a virtual book tour inviting book editors and bloggers to feature a review of your book and author interview on their websites during select dates.

* Speaking and event booking services can be added on for an additional cost. Social media coaching is also available at an additional cost.

Download our pricing sheet or for more information, please contact us.