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Here is a link to a short, but sweet article on how a marketing consultant can help your business. It starts with creating a marketing plan, which is very important because a plan is your road map to success. It’s like a GPS to guide you toward your business vision. You wouldn’t start a journey to a new destination without directions or a map (at least I hope not).

While your marketing plan should include a strategic vision and goals, please do not pass GO without your action items! The action plan will become your play book and should allow you to measure results along the way. Hopefully you have baseline data before you begin implementing your plan. This will help you to compare and measure your progress, this can include information like the number of unique web visitors each day, number of phone or web leads received, and number of contacts in your database (with email addresses please). As you work the plan, your numbers and quality of leads should improve.

Enjoy this quick read and let me know your thoughts!

Three Things a Small Business Marketing Consultant Can Teach You

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