The Art of Conversions: Using Content Marketing to Build Your Business

The Art of Conversions Using Content Marketing to Build Your Business
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Businesses range from small start-ups to medium-sized success stories to giant corporations. Their personalities vary from friendly and intimate to quietly relaxed to even rigid and formal. Target audiences can be any gender, age group, or social group living anywhere on the planet. In short, your business will be as unique as you are. Regardless of the strategic path you take to reach your target audience, you and your business will benefit if content marketing figures into your strategic marketing plan.

Consider the following when establishing your content marketing strategy:

Guide web traffic to where you want customers to go. For example, use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other similar site to drive traffic back to your blog, which you will update regularly with content to capture and pique your visitors’ interests. When writing your blog posts create short, engaging content and images that ultimately move site visitors to carefully thought out landing pages setup to maximize conversions.

Blend a variety of content to make your message stick. All, or most, of your content from social media, blogs, podcasts, videos, and the like should offer a sampling of interesting information about your brand, your products, your services, your staff, your industry and so on. Images and videos will stick with some, but short thoughtful quotes or concepts will capture the attention of others.

Devote your efforts to one primary goal: Conversions. People are looking to connect with brands that resonate with who they are and what they value. As your build your business and ultimately your community of consumers, consider that you are really building your tribe. Your tribe consists of those customers or clients who truly connect with what you offer and the work you do, so much so that they will become your greatest sales force. But, first you have to get them to convert, that is, to provide a name, an email address, a like or a follow. The social media you use, the content on your blog, your website pages, podcasts and videos you create all have one goal: to build your tribe.

Once you develop your content marketing strategy, it’s easier to start seeing and measuring results. Furthermore, those who create your content, including you, will be able to share in a vision that is more clearly focused, with all parties working toward the same end.

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