The History of Marketing (Infographic)

Marketing is like a chameleon. Tactics tend to change based on the surroundings, as well as what the latest technological trends are. With that in mind, it is great to look back and see how those of us in the marketing profession have adapted to all the changes over time.

In the beginning, marketing was pretty cut and dry. It started with jumping in front of people with a piece of paper and has ended up in cyberspace with some new method of reaching people introduced everyday.

This Infographic (compliled by the folks at HubSpot) is a throwback starting with the way things used to be and progressing through the many changes that we have seen since the beginning of marketing. These innovations have also changed our perspective on how we now interact with consumers- opting for more of a dialogue rather than a monologue featuring what’s so great about my company.

You will enjoy this Infographic, but one component of marketing is missing. The door-to-door salesman and his influence on marketing history via word of mouth marketing. Really, how many of us ended up with a stack of encyclopedias or cutlery because the Brown’s down the street got a great deal from some sales guy.

Furthermore, as you read through consider how utilizing the psychology behind consumer behavior and relationship building has helped to refine marketing’s best practices. Take a look at this Infographic to see how!


The History of Marketing


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