The Value of a Social Following (Infographic)

There are still a great many companies that have not jumped on the social media band wagon yet. Why wouldn’t you, when it could do so much good for your company? Not only is social media a means of content marketing, it is also a way to establish a following and allow others to find your company through their friends and contacts.

What exactly are those followers worth? Well, more than you might think according to research! Apparently, each one of those followers has a dollar value, even after you spend some advertising money on those social networking sites.

Social networking is creating a vehicle to reach consumers in a new era of marketing strategy where the possibilities are really endless as to how you can interact with your audience to educate them and establish trust in your area of expertise. That established trust will ultimately be the gateway to earning more profit that you would not gain if not for a social following! Would you want to lose that money? Take a look at this Infographic by Imbue Marketing to see just how much profit you can gain.

The Value of a Social Following

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