Tips for Building Customer Relationships Through Facebook

Facebook for Businesses

Social media networks have changed the way that businesses advertise their products and services. Using social networks like Facebook gives you and your business the chance to not only tell people about your product, but it is also giving you a chance to connect with and hear from your target audience.

Today, people are more inclined to buy products from businesses that they feel connected to and feel as though the company takes their opinions seriously. This type of real-time feedback from customers improves the chances that customers will use your product or service in the future. It also gives you information that will help to create better products and improve services in the future.

If you are serious about making social media an integral part of your marketing plan, you are going to have to create a Facebook business page. This type of page will enable your customers to “like” you so that they can receive status updates and information regarding your company. When people like your page, the individuals they have on their friends list will also be able to see posts from your page and might “like” it as well… eventually turning into future customers.

Encourage Communication

When you use platforms like Facebook to build relationships with customers, you need to find a way to get them involved. This means that the content you create is interesting, engaging, and asks for something from the client (besides their money of course).

When you create a post, ask people for their opinion on a particular product or service you offer. Ask them what they like, don’t like, or think could be done better. Ask them to share their personal experiences with you. If it is around a special holiday season, then you might consider creating a post asking for a favorite holiday memory or tradition. Mention that your product makes a great gift or better still contact Facebook about making your product available through Facebook Gifts.

Make Your Friends Feel Special

A lot of consumers today want a company that gives them lots of extras and bonuses that make them feel special and cared for. Think of some creative ways that you can give sneak peeks of future products to those who have liked your page or offer a special discount on a product if they follow a special link from one of your Facebook posts. By making customers feel special, you help to create a sense of brand loyalty and friendship that will keep them coming back again and again!

These are just a couple of ways you can go about building relationships with customers via social media. What’s working for you?

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Building Customer Relationships Through Facebook

  1. Mike Drigger Reply

    Nice blog! Thanks for sharing! The best way to learn how to build good long-lasting business relationships is by learning from other successful networkers.

    • Shara Darden Post authorReply

      Thanks Mike. I agree. There’s much to be learned from our peers on developing solid business relationships. Social media provides another resource to connect with our peers and share ideas and experiences.

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