Twitter Marketing with Hashtags: What You Need to Know

Twitter Tips

Twitter may have started it all, but hashtags are making their way across social media channels – such as Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr.  Essentially a keyword, a hashtag is a phrase preceded by a pound sign – such as #ilovedogs.

Why would you want to use hashtags?  Pragati Bidkar identifies five primary reasons:

  1. It increases the visibility of your message, since those interested in the same hashtags are more likely to see what you have to say.
  2. It helps with event promotion.  Creating a hashtag can automatically increase your reach beyond your initial audience.
  3. You can create offers based off of a special or company hashtag.  Thus, it becomes a marketing tool in itself.
  4. You can reach people for a group chat easily.
  5. The viral potential, in Bidkar’s words, “is worth all the trouble” itself.

Of course, there are some best practices with hashtags that you need to know.  Overdoing hashtags is a big no-no–instead, use them sparingly.  Don’t be afraid to use them at the front, end, and middle of your tweets as well.  Keeping it short, says Bidkar, can allow for a short addition if someone retweets your message.

Create your own regular hashtags to come up with a “catchphrase” of sorts.  Or, use it powerfully for event marketing.  You can even join the crowd with #TWITTERTIP, leveraging the already-popular hashtag.  The possibilities are endless.

Hashtags can lead to increased success on Twitter and a number of other social networks. Contact us to learn more effective social media tips that can help your business.

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