Value of Mobile Apps and Sites for Small Businesses

Mobile Apps and Sites for Small Business

As most business owners know, there’s no shortage of promotional opportunities to allocate dollars and resources toward. Today, small businesses have to divvy the pot even further to ensure accessibility in the mobile world.

Many small businesses are aware of the upward trend in consumer mobile use. More often now people are using their mobile devices to find brands and make purchasing decisions about products and services. While small business owners know about this trend, they aren’t quite sure what it means for their businesses. They are asking questions like, “While mobile use is up nationally, is it really relevant in my small town?” and “Since my business is B2B, is a mobile presence really relevant?

Yes and yes.

However, before you hit the mobile trail full steam ahead, stop and think about what you hope to accomplish. There is no need to rush out and double your marketing budget next year in order to integrate a new mobile marketing strategy. Pace yourself. This is not a sprint to see who will finish first. Mobile is here and it isn’t going away any time soon. So most small businesses have time to be smart about what you want to accomplish with your mobile presence.

According to a study presented by eMarketer, 70% of marketers plan to increase budgets for mobile in 2013. While larger corporations and brands have been throwing money into mobile apps and websites for years now, most small businesses just don’t have the funding to double up on marketing budgets. Before you jump in and start looking for new ways to finance your mobile marketing, consider that most small businesses really need to secure the basic elements of their brands and marketing strategies.

Spend some time learning more about your customers and how they are using your products and services.  How can you improve their experience? Can a happy client easily refer your business or brand to a friend or co-worker? What are customers already saying about your company online via leading review sites and social media? Are you educating new prospects on relevant industry news and changes? Do prospects and customers know why they should be working with you and not your competition?

Answers to these questions will no doubt lead you to some ideas for how to introduce your small business brand to the mobile marketplace. For small businesses building luxury brands, Mashable shared these four rules on luxury brand mobile marketing:

  • Produce content in episodes;
  • Communicate in an intriguing way;
  • Allow customers to participate; and
  • Reward with exclusivity.

What ideas do you have for creating fascinating mobile-accessible content for your customers? Share your thoughts!

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