When Event Marketing and Social Media Collide

Social Network

Some businesses have difficulties when it comes to event marketing. After all, how can a company generate the right amount of buzz or the right kind of excitement at the right time? If the company’s following doesn’t respond, the event may come off as a failure.

Social media is probably the best way to market an event. Along with the proper strategy on the company’s blog, as well as other tools, social media outlets can provide a foundation for the event communications.

In reality, a good event marketing plan on social media is not much different from standard content marketing practices.

Consider the types of things that you might post for a new product on social media:
• Blog posts that highlight the arrival of the product;
• Content from other sources, such as press releases and third-party reviews;
• Images that help customers see the product in action, generating interest; and
• A range of other visual media, such as interactive videos, product testimonials, and more that are ideal for social media.

Of course, there’s more to event marketing— special images, hashtags, and more—but the gist is still the same. It’s all about execution, timing, and the right appeal to grab the attention of current and prospective customers.

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