Why Google+ Is Good for Business

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When it comes to social media marketing we often think of Facebook and Twitter, but why not Google+Google+ is actually one of the largest social media networks online with over 250 million users not to mention that it is run by the most popular search engine in the world. If you are not on the site now, then you should definitely sign up because it has a lot of unique benefits that the other social media sites do not.

Since Google+ was created by Google, it has a lot of authority when it comes to increasing your visibility and exposure in Google searches. It has been proven that the links and +1s on the site can have a positive effect on the pagerank and SEO for your website. It does not happen overnight, but the links from Google+ are much more powerful than links from Twitter and Facebook.

As of now, Google + does not have as many users as Facebook and Twitter. This is mostly a good thing for most businesses because that means it will be easier to make meaningful connections and have your messages heard. Facebook and Twitter are already saturated with marketers, businesses, and everything in between.

Another reason businesses should start connecting on Google+ is because there are a lot of unique features like Google Hangouts and the new Google Communities for example. Google Hangouts allow you to host live video chats directly to Youtube to engage with clients and potential customers. It is much easier to share video, pictures, and text on the site as well. There are now communities within the site that focus on certain topics, which can make it easier for businesses to find prospects.

Overall, Google+ is one of the best social media networks out there, but in comparison to the other social media sites few people know that much about it. If you have a Google account, then joining is as simple as the click of a button. If you do not already have a Google account, then you can easily sign up for one and open your Google+ account.

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      Definitely worth a second look! Be sure to check out some of the new communities related to your business and interests. Don’t be shy to reach out to celebs, media contacts and other thought leaders who you think might be interested in what you do.

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